Andreas Haselsteiner, Aljoscha Sander

The potential of energy generated by offshore windfarms is higher than the entire world’s current energy needs. Hence, offshore wind is economically viable and could become a main source of electricity. However, factors like high tides and wind speeds make the oceanic environment dangerous, and the construction, operation, and maintenance processes involved are very complex and challenging as a result. At present, the inaccuracies encountered in monitoring windfarms make planning and executing offshore operations expensive. With this new solution based on Galileo data, it is possible to track individual wind turbine components with high temporal and spatial precision and conduct safer, well-planned maintenance operations.
Its custom software will generate real-time insights from data delivered by sensors attached to these components. Offshore wind energy is already a multi-billion-euro industry, and it is growing worldwide by about 30% each year. This product will help companies improve their offshore operations by facilitating smarter decisions, reducing costs, and increasing safety during maintenance.