Unveiler is an early-stage software-as-aservice solution that wants to bring location verification to the FinTech industry.
It integrates with existing applications and allows companies to detect the exact locations of mobile app users – from anywhere, in real time, and without direct interaction.
Using next-generation space tech, Unveiler also includes a security feature that helps protect FinTech applications from cyberattacks.


“We chose Unveiler as the 2021 winner of the ESA Space Solutions Scale-Up Challenge for several reasons. Firstly, we were looking for a business that had the potential to scale up both rapidly and sustainably. Secondly, a robust business case that has been validated by customers was a must – something that Unveiler had already achieved. We were also looking for ideas that were slightly more mature from a technical perspective and Unveiler already had a minimum viable product that could be demonstrated to potential customers. All these things combined made Unveiler the winner of the inaugural ESA Space Solutions Scale-Up Challenge.”
Mathew Edwards, Business Incubation Officer, European Space Agency (ESA)


Gijs Wissing, Adriaan Knapen, Paul Barron, Dafina Bucaj