Yann Hervouet, Xavier Lecomte

Except for in very large cities – such as Paris – public transport is neglected in favour of individual cars, resulting in painful congestion and greenhouse gas emissions in cities and their surroundings. The main hindrance expressed by those who would otherwise make use of public transport is an ignorance of schedules, stops, lines, and connections, which leads to a total lack of control of travel time. Cars and their navigation systems, meanwhile, offer total comfort with guidance and time-of-arrival functions that are becoming ever more precise. This advantage is critical in a professional context. The project aims to provide solutions that free travellers from such supply problems and make public transportation more attractive by emphasising the space and freedom available during trips without the stress of traffic jams. The solution will provide:

  1. Real-time schedule information
  2. A real-time route planner offering functions similar to car navigation
  3. A dynamic carpooling solution