Zoe Farrington, Andrew Richardson

REALRIDER® is the first app that detects if a motorcyclist has had a crash and notifies the emergency services of the riders location. There are an estimated 1.3 million riders in the UK, representing 1% of traffic, yet accounting for up to 19% of deaths and serious injuries on roads. A riders’ chances of survival are greatly improved the quicker medical teams can find and treat the patient. Developed by Realsafe Technologies, REALRIDER® has REALsafe® crash detection technology built-in. REALsafe® monitors a smartphone’s accelerometer together with GNSS data and after impact a two minute crash alert countdown is triggered. REALsafe® continues to monitor GNSS movement and sends the rider’s second and last known coordinates to medical teams along with the rider’s phone number and medical information. The company’s partnership with the National Health Service is unique, and after a successful NHS trial, REALRIDER® will be the first app to fully integrate into the British Telecommunications (BT) telematics system, ensuring REALRIDER® crash alerts are treated as any other 999 call. REALRIDER® will be the first 999 app to be government approved and the team is working with the European Emergency Number Association.