CEO, Chrysanthos Steiakakis, Nikos Steiakakis, Dr. Zacharias Agioutantis, Georgia Papavgeri, Elina Apostolou, Stamatini Delmadorou

Geosysta’s real-time, cloud-based software Minefeed produces reliable storage, evaluation, and alerts for slope stability monitoring based on records captured by topographic and geotechnical instruments. Based on Minefeed users’ demand for low-cost, automated, GNSS-derived monitoring of areas prone to such incidents, Geosysta has designed a system for real-time monitoring of slopes and landslides – ReTiMoS. It relies upon low-cost Galileo and Real Time Kinematic (RTK) enabled GNSS boards to serve as system nodes for displacement measurements. The system, which will require little capital for initial installation, can be used by the mining sector, highway operators, and local authorities without significant experience in the field of slope stability to address the safety issue of upcoming or imminent landslides. The system can be easily transferred from one location to another to increase the number of areas monitored. ReTiMoS will address the increasing socio-economic costs of landslide-prone areas.

Customer benefits

The system will be simple to operate, require a small capital investment, and reduce maintenance fees, which will make it attractive and easy to install in difficult areas even if it gets destroyed. Municipalities in landslide-prone areas will become safer.