Lars Forslöf, Hans Jones, Tommy Niituula

Roadroid seeks to create a global standard for better and more sustainable road quality. Monitoring road networks and planning their maintenance is a great challenge. Transport infrastructure is a key issue all around the globe – and an important tool for growth and democracy. Roadroid is a global solution for conducting extremely cost-efficient road surveys. With online smartphone maps, any road owner can plan activities and track the results in an objective dialogue among users, other owners, contractors, experts, and financers. This information can also be used for route guidance. Roadroid is 1) an app for measuring road quality with smartphones using built-in sensors, cameras, and GPS, and 2) an online system for analysing data and statistics. The product of research performed in Sweden since 2002, is not a substitute for advanced survey trucks or ocular inspections; it generates large amounts of data to create unique statistics that other methods cannot produce. Roadroid has been awarded in the Swedish Born Global program, is to present a paper at the World Congress for ITS (Vienna, 23 October), and is a national nominee for the World Summit Award in the category of mobile content.