Rafał Osypiuk, Mateusz Spychała

In 2015 alone, four million drones were sold for civilian use. This new market presents enormous opportunities, but also significant hazards. The scale of the problem is easy to see in press publications and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reports. Over a hundred hazardous drone approaches to manned aircraft are recorded every month solely in the USA. It is already clear that the law itself will not be enough to ensure safe airspace sharing between manned and unmanned aircraft. Experts are increasingly calling for the introduction of electronic systems with SAA (sense-and-avoid) technology, which guarantee a safe distance once installed on the UAV’s side. The solutions Aerobits provides are currently the smallest in the world that integrate Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B)/GNSS technologies with user-friendly interfaces. Their mutual core consists of receiving and decoding functions for ADS-B/GNSS signals, which makes it possible to identify all manned aircraft in the direct vicinity of a given UAV. Gaining better awareness of current airborne activity is the right way to improve the safety of UAV operations.