Mr Jorge Sancho Muñoz

SAFEman is an individual low-cost solution designed to monitor the position and health status of firefighters and other emergency personnel in real-time in order to rescue them faster in case of extreme emergency. It consists of a wristband equipped with multiple monitoring systems and an emergency button that works with a transmitter on the firefighter’s helmet. The system sends the exact location of each firefighter to the control centre every 30 seconds thanks to the Galileo GNSS Search & Rescue service. This prevents the loss of lives because without SAFEman, they could not be located or evacuated before the fire reaches them. The system is also always connected to the wristband via Bluetooth, so if the wristband detects any anomaly – such as a high pulse rate or a firefighter that has been lying motionless for more than three minutes – an emergency signal is sent to the control centre. This fast, precise, and secure system will facilitate faster localisation and real-time alerts sent by the firefighters’ own wristbands.

SAFEman is focusing on professional emergency personnel, but the technology could be applied to other people (such as high-risk outdoor athletes) in the future.

Customer benefits

SAFEman is a professional, individual, real-time localisation system that helps keep emergency personnel safe. By coordinating much better field operations, it can save many lives thanks to the use of the Galileo GNSS Search & Rescue service.