Rafael Olmedo, Antonio Olmedo, Alberto Ayora

The popularisation of mountain sports and activities and easy access to mountain areas are resulting in an increasing number of related incidents.

Minimising risk exposure requires new services and real-time information for mountain enthusiasts. In addition, search-and-rescue operations in mountain scenarios must be optimised in terms of efficiency, time, and cost.

The SafeMountain system aims to increase people’s risk awareness and preparation before they engage in sport and leisure activities in mountain areas, help them in case of an incident, and enhance the performance of searchand- rescue teams. The key goals of the system are to maximise safety and optimise resources.

SafeMontain provides mountaineers and search-and-rescue teams with intelligent assistance in mountain areas based on the use of smartphones and the integration of GNSS and wireless communication technologies, web services, and real-time risk information and management.

The system’s main innovative characteristics include:

  • Integration of mobile devices into a personal risk and emergency management tool through GNSS and wireless networks technologies
  • Collection and recording of user profiles and activity plans, as well as storage in a shared repository
  • Collaboration of amateur and professional mountaineers on gathering risk data
  • Wireless distribution of risks and situational awareness information based on proximity marketing techniques
  • Risk data management to improve territory monitoring and safety-andrescue means and resources
  • Use of social networks to increase mountaineers’ awareness and motivation regarding safety

SafeMountain will provide technology and services to governments and citizens involved in any kind of leisure or sportive activity conducted in a mountain environment, professionals and companies involved in activities developed in mountain scenarios that could require risk management strategies, and emergency search-and-rescue first responder teams.


  • Increases mountaineer safety through online registration of planned outdoor activities
  • Reduces risk exposure by providing risk information related to the user’s position
  • Provides support to emergency rescue teams in the form of risk information and additional assistance in taking optimal routes
  • In addition to saving lives, the system will reduce the cost of medical and rescue teams, guide specialised personnel, aid accident research, and render statistical data.

Rafael Olmedo, Alberto Ayora, Antonio Olmedo
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