Dr. Roland Weesie, Nia Weesie, Sarah Weesie

In several terror attacks over the past few years, heavy goods vehicles have been driven into large crowds to inflict maximum damage.
In order to address this threat, Callwise Ltd. has developed an application which integrates satellite tracking technology with vehicles’ electronic management systems. This has enabled the company not only to track vehicles, but also to restrict access to specific locations. It does so by comparing a vehicle’s Galileo GNSS location data with a route that was previously set on the Callwise app.
If the location of the vehicle deviates from the predefined route, a fault code is sent to the vehicle’s electronic management system, which will then gradually slow the vehicle down to a maximum speed of 8 km/h (engine limp mode). One main benefit of the application is that implementing this turnkey solution will make public outdoor areas much safer.
It also offers multiple commercial advantages:
› Optimisation of routes with multiple delivery points
› Increased fuel efficiency
› Real-time monitoring of locations, cargo doors, cargo temperatures, fuel cap locks, speed, etc.


The Expertise:
«The project “Safety on trucks and heavy goods vehicles to the benefit of the general public” is using the high GNSS precision capabilities to technically restrict the access of heavy goods vehicles to a route that has been predefined prior to the start of the journey. This project deserves to be award-worthy because its is a very clever solution, increasing public safety while offering many commercial advantages.»

Charles Tijus
Managing Director, Integrative User Lab (IUL Lutin)