Dr Antonio Pujante Cuadrupani

Signal Authentication through Receiver Autonomous techniques (SARA) exploits information acquired by GNSS receivers to detect fake signals intended to induce a JMS (Jamming/Meaconing/Spoofing) event. SARA is implemented autonomously in the receiver, similar to RAIMS (Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring), which can coexist in the same GNSS receiver. SARA does not require any modifi cation of GNSS signals simply using the available signal information on a best effort basis. SARA relies on the combined analysis of a series of different kinds of observables, namely: a) physical magnitudes (power, spectrum, timing) and b) characteristics intrinsic to the navigation data signal.

SARA can be integrated in the chipset engine or the application layer of devices, such as smart phones. It improves both the quality of the GNSS user experience, and the overall safety and reliability of GNSS. SARA is an implementation of the PanamNav featured PIA concept, which aims at an integrated GNSS service including PNT, Integrity and Authentication.