Adrienne Fanning

Sawcer is the mobile application and website that makes local shops as easily searchable as online shops by creating crowdsourced, geolocalised catalogues. Using Sawcer, anyone can share places to buy products. Then others can search for a product they want, find it in a nearby shop and then go and get it. It‘s convenient and fast, you can take your own bag and speak with someone in the shop, and also support employment within the local community. In the rush to digitise businesses, the main solution so far has been online ordering and home delivery. The best part about buying things online is the easy searchability, but there are plenty of drawbacks: Waiting for your purchases, paying for delivery, not being able to see or touch what you‘re buying, the return process, the rubbish and extra packaging, and customer service provided by bots and overseas vendors to whom the customer is just a reference number. Sawcer aims to bring the convenience of online searchability to local shops by offering a platform that enables shops to be online without being e-commerce. It also provides communities and businesses with an easy and accessible way to find and share places to get great products. With the High Accuracy Service of Galileo Sawcer easily navigates the user to the desired products within the shops or at markets in covered buildings.