Michael Ilsbroux

When firefighters arrive at a burning building, they gear up and go in despite of the uncertainty regarding their positions once they are inside. To give first responders the lifeline they deserve, Epic Blue has developed a highly reliable, AIbased positioning wearable called Shyn. Shyn is a next-generation indoor-outdoor positioning solution whose design has been driven by first responders themselves. It performs positioning without imposing a fixed and costly localisation infrastructure. The Shyn wearable is fit for purpose for the harshest settings and has thus attracted growing interest from mining operations, police departments, and security experts who also face GNSS-denied environments. Moreover, Shyn is also compatible with broader markets. It revolutionises how industry can ensure personnel safety and health while also driving the digital transformation of professional tasks. The accuracy and robustness of Galileo plays a crucial role in this solution. The Shyn engine needs good positioning reference points, in particular when a person is entering GNSS-denied environments. In the initial versions of the product, the Galileo Open Service will be used.