Cesar Prados, Sergiu Artene, Carmen Blasco

Time synchronisation is a basic requirement in operating important infrastructures in many of the world’s strategic sectors, including energy, telecommunications, transportation, and finance. The high demands it places on the accuracy of time measurements (currently on the order of singledigit nanoseconds) represent an essential factor in enabling new technologies and innovations. Time synchronisation is traditionally achieved via cable protocols with internal network timing. However, the use of such dedicated networks is not always possible for financial or logistical reasons, especially for systems operating on different continents (finance), in densely populated urban areas (5G or IoT) or in highly decentralised ways (blockchain). Melior is working on a costeffective alternative means of synchronising time based on a system that uses the well-known GNSS Common View (CV) technique. It proposes using CV in combination with the Galileo PRS to enhance the security of PRS systems, increase the security of the Galileo Open Service, and provide secure and robust synchronisation with nanosecond-level accuracy among Galileo receivers.