Florin Banica, Andreea Diana Banica

Shared Ahead is an intelligent, centralised logistics transport system that allows the use or sharing of free cargo space available in trucks, thus increasing productivity and revenue for customers and transport companies alike. According to statistics, transports in the EU are affected by imbalances in transport flows and logistics, resulting in 30-50% of trucks running empty. Shared Ahead enables interoperability between logistics companies to facilitate collaboration in truck sharing while providing a gateway to both business and private customers that need to transport cargo on short notice. The system targets logistics transport companies and producers of goods, but also private customers. Enabling logistics companies and customers to use a cargo truck sharing system decreases transport costs by increasing the use of existing truck fleets and infrastructure, which in turn lowers costs and CO2 emissions. The system will use GNSS (Galileo) to optimise navigation, locate goods and customers, track dangerous cargo, and alert authorities in case of danger.