Mr Mario Fernández Marín, Mr Jorge López Sánchez, Mr Angel Marivela Pedraza, Ms Alba Coello Romero, Mr Norberto González Díaz

Rail companies’ lack of geographic data has become a crucial issue in train development, train infrastructure, and the placement of signals and switches along rail corridors. To address related challenges in terms of safety and efficiency, SigmaRail has developed SigmaQ, a drone-based solution designed to enhance geolocation, cut costs, and increase safety. The system is already being used to geo-localise assets and test maintenance efforts on high-speed lines. Galileo plays a critical role in the performance of SigmaQ by providing geographic information for digitalised data. The integrity, high accuracy, and availability of Galileo services will improve the current implementation of the solution. Meanwhile, the accurate geolocation of assets will also be key in automating drone operations and deploying new systems.

Customer benefits

Using SigmaQ enables rail companies to process data automatically, which reduces costs and saves time. Furthermore, it increases safety and security in railway-related operations.