Chu Yi-Hong

Smart Tour Pass is a smartphone app that enables tourists to purchase, manage, and redeem prepaid travel packages. Users can buy prepaid travel packages online, carry them on their smartphones and receive corresponding notifications regarding coupons or must-see sights nearby. They can obtain detailed information on admission rules and redeem prepaid admissions or travel tickets. Smart Tour Pass comprises a mobile app, endpoint redemption systems, and a backend payment system. The prepaid travel packages are encrypted and securely stored on tourists’ smartphones. The encryption is based on time and location information included in the packages users’ purchase, which can then only be decrypted when they arrive at their destination on the specified day. Prepaid tour passes will be activated directly by means of GNSS, which will also be used to notify tourists when they near points of interest in their packages and to validate the redemption of passes. Smart Tour Pass thus provides tourists with an all-in-one solution for prepaid travel packages. Using their own smartphones, they will be able to enjoy affordable and comfortable travel experiences. Bon voyage!