Henrik Birch Kristiansen

Precise and reliable address information is an essential quality feature of smart delivery services for all kinds of goods around the world. SmartLocater is determined to bring intelligence to any address in the world using the Galileo satellite navigation system.

With free mobile and web applications that are already available, users are creating comprehensive addresses that include contact information, photos, and most importantly, Galileo coordinates. When this information is saved, SmartLocator automatically generates a unique QR code that makes it all easy to access, even when the code is printed on an address label. With just three keywords, the same address can easily be uploaded to any e-commerce site or business that has integrated the SmartLocater widget into its system.
SmartLocater adds value at every stage of the process: It addresses the need to increase the flexibility and punctuality of delivery services (as well as the accuracy of address information) in order to reduce last-mile delivery costs, which currently account for 28% of all related expenses.

Customer benefits

Adding Galileo coordinates to addresses increases delivery success rates. This in turn has a direct and positive economic impact on retailers and logistics partners and ultimately results in more satisfied customers.