Solar Indice – Scientific calculation of a site’s exposure to sunshine

Alain Netter

Creation of an Internet site, Solar, linked to a software platform which would use Galileo data to calculate scientifically the annual amount of exposure to direct sunlight for a precise point of a given building (main façade, French window, solar panel locations).
The result of the calculation, expressed in hours per year and accompanied by an historic graph, is delivered by the website in exchange for on-line payment of a modest charge of just a few euros. Since it is irrefutable, it can be used by all the market players : surveyors, property developers, real-estate professionals, buyers, sellers, but also by professionals in the solar energy sector or, on the other hand, the sun protection sector (sunblinds).
It could become a standard requirement as part of legal information to be entered into deeds of sale, as for the Carrez Law making surface areas obligatory. Solar Indice could be taken into consideration when comparing and evaluating properties, or used to calculate the yield of solar installations.

Connection with the Galileo Project
Starting from a given geographic position, thanks to the reliability of Galileo positioning, it is easy to calculate the visible course taken by the sun (astronomic navigation software) throughout the year for a given location, and thus a theoretical number of hours of sunshine. One would simply have to deduct the obstacles to sunlight (buildings, Vegetation…), measured in terms of height and degrees on the horizon to obtain a real, practical index.

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