Jorge Sancho Muñoz

The main purpose of Stratolloon is to launch payloads into low Earth orbit with a stratospheric balloon and recover it safely. Stratolloon is designed to land on the user’s exact GNSS position, thus avoiding parachute issues and crashes with the ground, planes, and other objects.
Stratolloon consists of a reusable container (bus) that can slow its free-falling velocity, place payloads in the desired location, and avoid all types of damage once it is released from the balloon. This is possible thanks to four foldable
arms with multi-copter engines that work together with Stratolloon’s automated landing system and a ground station application. The solution also provides real-time mission data, including altitude and position based on GNSS, IMUs, barometers and ultrasound systems. Stratolloon is capable of flight times up to several weeks, during which it collects data in cruise mode and for more than 30 minutes in landing mode. This enables it to land in locations far from the point of release. The first version can recover up to 5 kg of payload from an altitude of 33 km, making Stratolloon the first system in the world that ensures the security of payloads from the ground to low Earth orbit and back again while also providing abort capabilities.


The Expertise:
«The innovative GNSS soft-landing system of Stratolloon let’s your experimental payload land different: it lands safely in the established GNSS position.»

David Argilés
Managing Director, Val Space Consortium