Mads Selvejer Plum, Joakim Espeland, Andrian Buchi

The SATCOM industry is growing and so is radio frequency interference (RFI). Most RFI arises from poorly performing or badly installed antennas and can cause connection failures and lowered bandwidth. Currently, antennas are tested in conventional test ranges prior to network deployment in order to prevent these malfunctions. However, this procedure is expensive, timeconsuming, and a logistical challenge.
QuadSAT is introducing a system of drones and GNSS satellites that combine to offer locationindependent antenna testing. It is an innovative and deployable far-field test range that makes antenna testing available whenever and wherever needed. Using GNSS positioning, QuadSAT‘s drones are equipped with a very accurate local reference system that relates to the antenna undergoing testing. The system combines GNSS with RTK algorithms to achieve its high testing accuracy. The QuadSAT system operates automatically and can carry out a broad range of testing missions without needing the antenna to be moved or even taken out of operation.