Tibor Török, András Kuba

Families living in rural areas, especially on isolated farms, often face difficulties when welcoming newborns into the world. With the nearest clinic or paediatric surgery often far away, babies are only taken to the doctor’s, when they require urgent treatment.

The new Toddler Monitoring System allows parents to share critical information on their babies with their paediatricians online. The hub of the system is a tablet PC capable of using integrated GPS and a 3G modem to pass on relevant information, including:

  • Height, weight
  • Temperature (baby / environment)
  • Photos of rashes and other symptoms
  • Videos of abnormal baby behaviour
  • Audio recordings (coughing, crying)

The system also allows parents to make appointments with the paediatrician (vaccinations, etc.). By accessing a central website, doctors will be able to view all the information sent by the parents.Whenever it is necessary for doctors and social care workers to visit families, they can use the GPS signals of their tablet PCs to find the shortest route, even to several families in a row.