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GPS/Web/Mobile Technology Provides Duty of Care Records Anywhere – Worldwide

Protecting and improving our environment is a significant task. Currently it is estimated that the UK produces over 400 million tons of waste each year, in addition to this there is a staggering 450,000 tons of used tyres produced by the UK alone (enough to stretch from London to Sydney!).

Current legislation prohibits the disposal of whole tyres at landfill sites, a law set to cover shredded tyres in the near future. So where do all these tyres get? More importantly how can we trace their movements and ensure that they are disposed of or reused safely and correctly?

Current secondary uses for waste tyres include:

  • Tyre bailing for flood defense
  • Children’s playground surfacing
  • Trialing for race horse exercise circuits
  • Railway sleepers

Richard White, the inventor of Tracker«Back™ has worked closely with the Environment Agency through the Waste Tyre Recycling Forum and wanted to address some of the issues that they face, in particular the issue of tracking tyre disposal.

Tracker«Back™ has been developed to track consignments of waste which are illegally disposed of and would harm the environment. This system will also support numerous other industries and sectors, thus increasing efficiency and, in the case of tyres, protecting the environment and saving the tax payer money!

Tracker«Back™ enables the user to collect and review up-to-the-minute data on any waste contained, collected or delivered to your door using GPS/GNSS and web technology.

Until now, being able to demonstrate that the tyres have been correctly disposed of at the correct location has been difficult, with no way of proving delivery or tracking the consignments. Introduction of the Tracker«Back™ system, using the enabling technology Galileo and GNSS, will combat these issues.

The signals received from the Galileo Satellite determine accurate positions in 3 dimensions. This may allow height measurement within a few centimeters which raises the prospect that there is a potential to provide information regarding the weight of vehicles.

Tracker«Back™ ensures that the vehicle is identified as authorized to carry the type of consignment and a duty of care authorized transfer sign-off is given at a pre-specified location. Providing this up-to-the-minute data collated from GPS/GNSS signals, together with the security identification keys at the correct location, ensures absolute proof that the consignment/waste has been collected and disposed of in the approved manner.

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