Leifur Björnsson, Steinunn Anna Gunnlaugsdóttir

Locatify Ltd. is a service provider for technology and platforms, allowing our partners in the field of tourism, education, and entertainment to publish their location-aware content on Smart Devices. Locatify has already released its SmartGuide technology, using GPS location data and augmented reality to offer guided audio tours with pictures and maps. Locatify is now extending thisplatform to create a treasure hunt game.

The platform makes it possible to design and publish guides and treasure hunt games to be enjoyed on location, via Smartphones. The games, which use GPS, 3G, and maps, are designed as real-time, competitive treasure hunts to be played by teams. They involve problem solving and exploration activities, finding treasures, and playing mini-games; with the game mechanics also including virtual game items. The system’s design tools are suitable for amateur and professional designers alike. They can create and publish their material on Smartphones and pads. The system will be available to all game and tour designers, wherever they want to create, edit, and publish guided tours and treasure hunt games.