Achilles Chatzinikos, Evangelos Kassimatis, Takis Dimitrakopoulos

Fly virtually over the Mediterranean coastline and have a unique visual experience! TripInView aims to change the way people explore destinations and plan their vacations. It is a free online travel platform that allows users to enjoy 300 hours of HD video and 800,000 HD photos of the entire coastline, taken from a manned helicopter. The content illustrates a total of 40,000 kilometres along the coast of Spain, Italy, Turkey, Greece, France, Monaco, and Malta. Every user can visually explore 500 destinations and 7,000 places (POIs), including beaches, marinas, ports, anchorages and urban places. Every member of the travel ecosystem will eventually be able to use TripInView to indicate their locations on its geo-tagged images and video. Hoteliers can already create profile pages free of charge and present themselves as pins on the images illustrating each coastline. TripInView will use Galileo to improve its geo-location accuracy and automate its pin-on-photo and pin-on-video technology. All images and video footage will be geo-tagged and fully synchronised, making it possible to jump from image to video (and vice versa).