Juliana Clegg, Tom Zamojdo, Chris Grabowski

“Winning Galileo Masters in 2011 has been a total game-changer for us. We’re now into collaboration with ESA and major auto makers who want 3D Head Up Display for the masses and commercial aviation. Our passion and expertise is focused on saving lives through better, more visual mapping and accident avoidance, but it took the press and prestige of the Galileo Masters to rocket us to notoriety. I think that our Galileo win demonstrates what an amazingly international and open-minded competition this is. We’re based in the States but we won in Germany among stiff competition and exceptional teams from every country.” Juliana Clegg, MVS-California, LLC.

MVS-California is the exclusive global design and development source for the True3D™ Head Up Display, an augmented reality navigational display engine designed to provide non-distracting, translucent location guidance to untrained operators of any vehicle. Virtual Cable™ and Virtual Signs™, generated by linking GNSS, map, and POI data, have been designed to maximise situational awareness using NASA guidelines established for pilot safety.

Painstakingly cost engineered for the automotive market, the True3D™ HUD is nothing short of an LBS revolution. Images – icons, road signs, a guide wire – are placed accurately in one’s forward view, appearing to be outside the windshield, from 2 metres to infinity, thus rendering conformal display. Images are volumetric (truly 3D), and capable of refreshing at 60 fps, enabling real-time data streaming. MVS-California have advanced reference designs and detailed manufacturing plans. The company seeks to collaborate with ecosystem partners who can assist them in commercialising the HUD’s potential in automotive, trucking, marine, and avionics markets.