Takuji Ebinuma, Hitomi Inaba, Kounosuke Kataoka, Shungo Shinohara, Hideki Yamada

GPS and other navigation satellite systems are widely used for positioning and navigation applications, but they also play a very important role in providing precise time and frequency information around the world. As GPS time and frequency services rapidly expand their support to the vast majority of critical infrastructure sectors, their vulnerabilities are being overlooked. False time information may lead to financial and social confusion, or even worse, loss of life. TrustSync is a secure time and frequency synchronisation service that leverages authenticated QZSS signals. The TrustSync receiver works in a very similar way to existing GPS timing receivers. However, instead of unprotected and insecure GPS signals for time synchronisation, TrustSync will use the authenticated digital signature in QZSS L1-SAIF and the new L1S channels. TrustSync will be the world’s first GNSS service to provide secure time and frequency data to critical infrastructures in the Asia Pacific region.