David Prentell, Luis-Daniel Alegría, Jens Dressler, Erik Collinder

Vamos is a mobile application that combines the best of Facebook and Instagram in order to pry friends away from their screens and get them together in real life. We use geo-location-tagged Facebook events, Instagram photos, and information on event attendance and check-ins to find out where users’ friends are going and what the day’s most interesting local happenings are. The app works straight out of the box and all over the world, no matter if the user is looking for things to do in Bangkok, Barcelona, Boston, or Berlin.

  • It’s an easy way for people to get an overview of where their friends are going on Facebook, when and where events will start, and pictures taken there on Instagram.
  • It’s a hyperlocal marketing platform for event promoters that want to reach people when they are looking for events

Give it a go! Let Vamos and your friends guide you to all the exciting stuff going on in cities all over the world. Vamos via the App Store.