Stefan Frey, Srinivas Setty, Luisa Buinhas, Christoph Bamann

Due to the growing number of space objects, which include both operating satellites and space debris, the chances of catastrophic collisions have increased exponentially. Vyoma plans to build and operate an innovative, satellite-based observation system for space debris monitoring. Unlike groundbased systems, this system is space-borne and can thus operate its sensors continuously, cover a large area, and observe objects with unprecedented frequency. Together with stateof-the-art data-processing algorithms, the solution will provide services ranging from debris cataloguing and collision warnings all the way to full automation in planning and performing evasive manoeuvres to ensure safe and efficient satellite operations. Vyoma localises space objects by combining two sensor systems. Its on-board optical cameras observe space objects illuminated by the sun and subsequently determine their positions relative to Vyoma’s satellites using the stars in the background. Meanwhile, its on-board GNSS receivers allow Vyoma to precisely determine the orbits of its own satellites, and hence the orbits of the observed space debris.