Steve Lee, Alan McLarney, Kris Kalnciems, Charles Cormack

During severe winters, roads can become buried under snow to such an extent that drivers, pedestrians, and road workers find using and maintaining them extremely difficult. Accidents and incidents of people becoming stranded are major concerns under these conditions. Methods to mitigate these problems would therefore be a positive step forward. Our WinterVision system is designed to offer two new service options that will allow a safer use of road networks following occurrences of heavy snowfall.

  1. Driven by GNSS positioning data, the primary element of the system will offer an Augmented Reality overlay to drivers by projecting the exact edge and path of the road. This will enable users to drive even when the road is buried and thus indistinguishable under the snow.
  2. The secondary use of the system involves utilising the distress messaging feature present in GNSS to call for help when a severe collision is detected. In addition, the beacon can be used by search-and-rescue teams (and perhaps an extended version of Astrosat’s Augmented Reality system) to help locate stranded travellers or other emergencies should it become buried under snow.