Daniel Neveux D’Agata, Laurent Kerbrat, Maïwenn Penhouët

Made by gamers for gamers, Wizar creates new dynamics for tourists. Wizar turns visitors into actors by involving them in the discovery of territories and their treasures. It uses geolocalisation to get them to see more, do more, spend more time, and consume more – all by simply playing along. The application targets families with teenagers and young adults between the ages of 12 and 35. Wizar is meant to be played in real-time while visiting a place. Powerful items like swords, shields, or spells are available as gifts when the player visits a professional partner (restaurants, leisure providers, etc.). These places are chosen based on an analysis of the player’s touristic activities, preferences, and needs. Once the player has consumed something or retrieved an item (e.g. an alchemist’s flask), a 1% commission is charged to the partner. Wizar offers a unique way to retrieve geolocalised touristic data in real-time. It enables a personalised approach that can be used by governments, tourism officials, local merchants, and more in marketing strategies across territories and countries.