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Posting and tagging with bits of information has become very common in the digital world, and similar behaviour is slowly catching on in the real world, too. The possibility of tagging in the real world forms a link between the two worlds and will increase effectiveness, utility, and profitability. A person could describe his or her address as follows: “Come over to Prado Centre and find my virtual tag; that’s the building”. The virtual tag of a theatre could provide real-time information, such as showtimes, availability, and so on.

Using GNSS technology, YTags enables business and individual users to setup visual-virtual tags like placeholders over real-world objects, providing an intuitive and experience-rich medium for location-based information seekers and location-aware service providers. YTags forms a platform that enables anyone with an integrated compass and GPS-enabled camera phone to set up, view, or edit a virtual tag. This vector-based application makes it light and less demanding on resources and data traffic.

Target market
YTags is solution based on GPS-enabled smartphones, which makes it a mass-market application. YTags is designed for smartphone users, commercial players with location-specific interests, and those interested in user-generated content.
With the increasing penetration of the mobile Internet and the growing LBS market, the scope for YTags is quiet vast. In 2007, European mobile LBS revenues amounted to roughly €157 million and are expected to grow to about €421 million by 2012.

Customer benefit
YTags provides an easy-to-use and intuitive medium for applying the point-and-click metaphor to the real world. The intuitive interface enables user to place virtual tags easily and assign hyperlinks. YTags can be used for a variety of purposes, such as acquiring information, submitting comments and recommendations, sharing interests, or providing real-time status information. In addition to these, YTags can make location-based searching visual and at almost no cost to service providers.

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