Philippos Beveratos, Jean-Robert Malandra

YOOR is a personalised social app for recreational boating. To address the lack of real-time information on congestion at mooring locations, it helps users find appropriate places to anchor and promotes safety and recreation based on user recommendations, current needs, and weather conditions. The application provides comprehensive information to maritime tourists in real-time and expands on the shared experiences of the coastal tourist community. As a user-oriented service application, YOOR will be enhanced by location-specific features on GALILEO enabled smartphones. Its initial resources, meanwhile, are drawn from maps, navigation guides, GNSS signals, weather reports, and social networks. As use of the application spreads, the sharing of user-generated data (such as advices, ratings, realtime information on congestion at mooring spots, and weather conditions) will supply information that is too often missing in conventional guides. YOOR is designed to meet the needs of the 350 million maritime tourists who frequent the coastlines of the EU. In doing so, it adds value by augmenting the local business ecosystems of the continent’s bays, ports, and marinas.