Mateusz Olszewski

The purpose of Zukbot, the autonomous agricultural robot, is to meet the growing need for automation in agriculture. Here, the contributing factors include the increasing price of human labour, the development of agricultural technologies, and the growing demand for food worldwide. Zukbot’s smart spraying machine (which features a precise tool for soil diagnostics) is designed to help the modern farmer produce food more effectively and profitably thanks to technologies such as satellite guidance, laser distance measurement and weed detection. In particular, Zukbot offers farmers the following advantages:
› Precise information on plant and soil conditions
› Weed detection
› Reduced use of chemicals
› Increased crop yields
› Reduced harvesting costs
In addition to enabling farmers to make optimal use of all their available resources, Zukbot’s advanced technology will help protect the environment by requiring fewer chemicals.


The Expertise:
«Zukbok, which in English means “Bettlebot”, is a prototype of an advanced agricultural rover that may improve plant productivity, expand data gathering and reduce the amount of wasted chemicals on the field.»

Dr Krzysztof Kanawka
CEO, Blue Dot Solutions