Giovanni Arturo Vecchione, Pedro Silva, Antonio Fernandez

Modular phones are the next future solution for users who need maximum flexibility and personalisation at minimal cost. The concept is to adapt the ARA platform to individual needs. Such phones will be very cheap compared to current smartphones and reduce e-waste over the long term. GALILEO for ARA is a solution for demanding smartphone users looking to use one of GALILEO’s most important features – the E5 signal. The idea is to develop an E5 GALILEO receiver modules for the ARA platform. While most mass market smartphones will still be focused on E1, the availability of high end phones offering enhanced accuracy will be appealing for many users. In addition another module is foreseen, implementing an external antenna module interface that could be used with existing phones GNSS components and providing better performance to a specialised GNSS unit. The ARA phone will offer these components to those who need better precision (centimetre-level accuracy) in positioning, a multipath-resistant solution designed for pedestrians and urban environments. Much has already been achieved using smartphones; now it is time to create new possibilities for the development of applications that require high accuracy.