Patryk Szałachwij, Bartłomiej Noga, Adrian Bujak, Jarosław Macioszek

HYENT is for #hyting – the aspiration to profit from one’s own passions and lifestyle while inspiring others. HYENT is the first mobile app in the world that connects real life with the virtual world like never before. At first glance, it’s a mobile app for smartphones and tablets that runs on the most popular software in the world (iOS, Android, Windows Phone). However, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. HYENT is also the first mobile app that rewards people for living their lives and encourages them to achieve more. The app solves problems involved in escaping into virtual worlds. In particular, it addresses related addictions in young people: misguided patterns in social relations (Facebook), mindsets that prevent users from meeting new people due to different fears, lack of awareness of self-potential, low self-esteem, and more. HYENT has found a way to generate money for people based on their relationships, activities, selfgrowth, education, and other aspects of real life. This innovative algorithm – HYNet 5D – is a premium function of the app, whereas everything else is free of charge. HYENT even has a storyline that is arranged in seasons, much like a TV series.