Alex Aranburu, Eneko Echeverria, Unai Gorostegi, Kepa Otxoa, Amets Txurruka

Sport tracking products are being used more and more nowadays. Having revolutionised the tracker concept, KinetiKom is launching a multidisciplinary service for sport lovers of all levels.
Even though current sport trackers are usually specific to a single discipline, KinetiKom offers an entire monitoring and analysis system that adapts to multiple sports. It consists of a platform, an application, and a data collecting device equipped with high-precision sensors. As with any sport tracker, geopositioning is a crucial feature.
Thanks to the arrival of GNSS constellations like Galileo, the system will be able to offer much more accurate statistics. On the one hand, the availability of Galileo data is essential to obtaining uninterrupted data and computing higher-order statistics. On the other hand, athletes and their coaches need high-precision tracking data in order to accurately analyse an athlete’s movement.
Benefits provided by KinetiKom’s solution:
› Ideal for professional athletes thanks to highly accurate statistics
› Multidisciplinary service makes it easier for amateurs to start a new sport
› Ability to stream live statistics


The Expertise:
«KinetiKom is an affordable, versatile and portable device that offers customized high precision analytics adapted to the sport being practiced and a community to share all the data in. Those features make KinetiKom a unique and innovative product in sport monitoring. The real added value of the product is the specific way this data is processed according to the sport activity being performed.»

Pablo Martinez
Technology Director, BIC GIPUZKOA