Aude Privat, Matthieu Pascaud, Arnaud Ginestet, Nicolas Frouvelle

Last year, Android 7 was released, enabling users to access raw GNSS measurements using a smartphone. This new possibility is key to the success of the Precise Point Positioning (PPP) WizLite application, as its innovative algorithms now allow users to fixate positions within one metre with a compatible smartphone. At the moment, this application is the only one on the Google Store capable of achieving this accuracy using GPS raw measurement corrections and ephemeris in real time. Meanwhile, PPP-WizLite already offers the option to use EGNOS data. Its next version will not only provide access to default casters, but also use GALILEO, GLONASS and BEIDOU for even more precise localisation. Last but not least, new multi-frequency chipsets and a new method of carrier phase measurement will soon make centimetre-level accuracy possible. This improved GNSS application for precision positioning could be used in various industries and public and/or military applications thanks to PPP-Wizard algorithms (which were developed by France’s CNES).


The Expertise:
«The Hessen jury strongly believes the technology presented by our winner -PPP-Wizlite mobile application- can be a boost for applications which require improved GNSS precise positioning. The proposal is to improve a technology for smartphones already tested with GPS, so to use it with all current GNSS systems. Indeed, until last year it was not possible to integrate these algorithms in a smartphone because of lack of data access to smartphone GNSS receivers’ raw measurements. Since last year, with the release of Android OS 7, which gives access to GNSS raw measurements using a smartphone, this new possibility allows for integration of the PPP-Wizard User within an Android app.
With a compatible smartphone, a user will be able to get a position fix within 1 meter without additional equipment. Furthermore, 1 cm accuracy will soon be reached once new chipsets with multi-frequency and carrier phase measurement are available.»

Donata Pedrazzani
ESA BIC Darmstadt Manager, cesah GmbH Center for Satellite Navigation Hesse