Erwin Marges, Stefan Zhelyazkov, Georgos Valaouras

Among the many challenges of winter sports, avalanches still remain the most severe threat in the mountains. They take the lives of around 200 people every year. Despite the numerous technological advances in tracking and location, the majority of winter sport enthusiasts remain exposed to such dangers. Factors such as price, complexity and functionality have prevented the existing safety devices from attaining high levels of market penetration. Our company designed SnowMate Alpine Assistant to address this market niche. It combines GPS and Galileo with a radio transmitter to send its current position to neighbouring devices. Designed as a multi-node device, it enables your friends to be the first line of aid in case of an avalanche or other accidents. GNSS devices can have numerous applications apart from vital life-saving implementations. SnowMate makes full use of the technology while providing you with all the fun benefits of GNSS. It can log your journey by recording your route, speed, height profiles, and more.

SnowMate combines well-known positioning technologies such as GPS and Galileo and breaks new ground in their application and implementation. By adding a radio transmitter, position information can be transferred to neighbouring SnowMate devices, which can then accurately visualise the location of any device within range.

SnowMate focuses on both young and more mature skiers who prefer not to spend over EUR 300 on a professional avalanche rescue device they might never use. SnowMate is a user-friendly tool that offers added recreational value at a reasonable price, making it the ideal device for this market.

SnowMate customers will enjoy the benefits of easy and accurate localisation capabilities (in case of avalanche and other accidents) together with a variety of features that provide a wide range of statistical data on your outdoor adventure. The highly competitive price makes SnowMate affordable even for customers with very limited budgets.


Erwin Marges, Stefan Zhelyazkov, Georgos Valaouras
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