Guerric Faure, Michael Rabaron, Francis Pinault, Bahman Mobasser

Deal with the unexpected with Whoog! You’re stuck in a meeting; who can pick up Kate right now at school? It can be such a hassle to reach the right people in the right place, right when you need them! Wouldn’t it be great if you could call on your close community (family, team members, etc.) to handle the unexpected? This is the issue that Whoog has addressed with its smartphone app, which helps find people available to step in for you when needed, all in a few clicks. It’s a solution enabled by EGNOS and Galileo, which allow extensive coverage and indoor penetration! Creating a Whoog event sets up a dynamic forum complete with a geo-location map and context data, enabling select members of your “tribe” to decide together who will pick up Kate: Who’s closest? Most easily available? And so on… Secure, time-saving, and easy to use, Whoog’s vision has attracted key players in business and Oseo for funding. The solution is being developed by a team of senior engineers who work for leaders in the European telecom industry. They are backed by a Telecom R&D lab, and have a patent pending and a general public launch scheduled for 2013.