Maciej Piotrowski, Michal Wojtysiak

Imagine you go skiing in the mountains. Suddenly, you feel queasy or pass out and get injured. You need help, but help is not at hand … What if your smartphone could call for help – all by itself?

YETI snow solution is a system which can alert rescue teams or other skiers in multiple ways. Thanks to widespread access to GNSS services and many communication channels, there will be someone to provide instant assistance for you. Even if you are out of GSM range!

Furthermore, to enhance YETI snow attractiveness (especially for younger generation), it offers variety of entertainment services, such as workout tracking, single and multiplayer gaming. High interaction levels between users strengthen the sense of community. In a unique way, YETI combines virtual gaming and search&rescue services. All the user needs, is a smartphone with the YETI application installed.