Luis Gomes, Filipe Sousa

Have you ever dreamt of living in an equal society? Are you willing to spend two minutes to make a change? If you answered “yes” to these two questions, Access ON is for you. The Access ON project offers the chance to solve the problems of accessibility in society. It will eliminate the gap between you and the entities responsible for such issues while taking current bureaucratic processes and inconveniences out of the picture. Participation is free; you only need to locate an accessibility problem, open the application provided by the project, and complete the three steps required (photograph, describe, and identify the inaccessibility). This entire process will take less than two minutes, during which the application will find, in the background, your location using your smartphone’s GNSS functionality. You do not need an Internet connection; if none is available, the information will be stored on your device to be sent when your wireless service is restored. Access ON will have partnerships with the entities capable of correcting the problems you submit. This movement will have a real-world impact on society and, with time, could solve many accessibility problems. Make your choice!