Safety & Security

Vyoma – Increasing Confidence in Space

Stefan Frey, Srinivas Setty, Luisa Buinhas, Christoph Bamann Due to the growing number of space objects, which include both operating satellites and space debris, the chances of catastrophic collisions have…

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EGNOS for Railway Safety

Aleš Filip This application introduces a new way to reduce railway traffic management costs while improving safety on low-traffic lines using the EGNOS Safety-of-Life (SoL) service. It replaces balises (transponders…

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Secure Time and Frequency Synchronisation from Space

Cesar Prados, Sergiu Artene, Carmen Blasco Time synchronisation is a basic requirement in operating important infrastructures in many of the world’s strategic sectors, including energy, telecommunications, transportation, and finance. The…

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PODIS – POst DIstress Signal

Andreas Alamanos PODIS is a client-server IoT solution-as-a-service for automatic crash notification (ACN). Thanks to its patented technology, PODIS is the only ACN solution that does not produce false alarms….

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Galileo Masters Winner ESA 2018

Lycie – Drive Safely and Save Money

Antoine Bocquier, Jean Galinowski, Jérémy Maisse, Guilhem Vavelin Lycie is the first mobile application that actively prevents traffic accidents and saves lives. The grand prize winner of ActInSpace France uses…

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