Titus Balan, Dan Robu, Florin Sandu

AwareAnywhere is a mobile application that can be used for notifications, alerts, assistance, and resource mobilisation based solely on GNSS coordinates. Current addressing possibilities are limited to an identifier (an email address, phone number, IP address, etc). The team behind AwareAnywhere has proposed an innovative method of contacting someone without knowing or exchanging any identifier; it works when the user knows only the recipient’s location (GNSS coordinates) and finds them by simply picking a point or area on a map. AwareAnywhere is geared towards governmental institutions responsible for public safety, as well as city authorities and mobile operators. It also represents a nowcasting application (for emergency notifications, urgent weather reports, political events, terrorist attacks, etc) that facilitates localised responses (assistance via voice calls, communication of additional information, mobilisation of relevant human or nonhuman resources nearby, etc) through unique features made possible by the new method of using the existing LISP (Locator/Identifier Separation Protocol) without the need for any changes in the IP network or Internet infrastructure.