KrattWorks’ Easy EGNOS is a positioning solution for drones that eliminates the complicated process of setting up real-time kinematic positioning (RTK) on UAVs. It is pre-programmed to use Galileo RTK with the most common rover station hardware and RTK correction signal networks. It is also pre-configured to employ EGNOS whenever RTK GNSS is not used. The solution provides operators with the option to use GSM connectivity as a backup in case the point-to-point connection is lost. Both the GSM link and the point-to-point 2.4Ghz radio can be used for receiving RTK correction signals. The Easy EGNOS system is compatible with most PX4- and Ardupilot-based autopilot hardware and also facilitates the use of Robot Operating System.
This enables semi-professional and professional users to build their own mapping drones using popular fixed-wing or multi-rotor platforms, open-source autopilot and ground control software with easy-to-use Galileo RTK.

KrattWorks Ltd
Mattias Luha