Dr Georgios Papastefanou, Hartmut Gündra

EmoCityMap (Emotional City Mapping) is a new technology for measuring people’s emotions in situ. It extends socio-physical features based on geographical information systems (GIS) by incorporating data on the level and quality of emotions people experience in specific locations, such as stress, interest, balance, and retraction. This is achieved by continuously measuring emotional responses and geographical locations in tandem. In doing so, EmoCityMap integrates innovative technologies from Bodymonitor Systems (BMS), including:

  • BMS Smartband GEO, a sensor wristband that captures psychophysiological parameters as reflections of neuro-affective changes in autonomous nervous system activity, as well as geographical positions captured by GNSS modules
  • BMS EmoScore, a software solution that processes and classifies psychophysiological signals as types of emotional responses
  • EmoCityMap GIS, a GIS environment for visualising the arousal of emotion types in a geo-referenced System

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