Charlotte Wulff

feverr is a dating app that allows users to meet in real life straight away without chatting online first. Users create a profile and are then matched with other nearby users based on personality, lifestyle, and looks. When matched, users are notified and asked if they would like to meet the other person for a few minutes.
If both answer yes, they are navigated to a meeting point right at that moment to see if they feel any chemistry.
The entire concept of feverr hinges on ensuring the safety of users when they are navigated to a meeting point. This is where Safe Navigation technology comes in.
Existing navigation services bring people from A to B along the fastest route rather than the shortest. In contrast, by triangulating multiple data sources, feverr’s technology lets users take the safest route. When there is a match between two users, feverr selects the safest possible meetup location and the safest route for each user to take. After the meeting, users also have the option to use the service to navigate to another location of their choosing.