Miren Azcárate, Lucía Merino, María Prats, Marta Urquizu, Fátima Villa

The main objective of Galifire is to develop an efficient way to detect and extinguish wildfires.

With Galifire, it will be possible to determine the exact coordinates of wildfires and their hotspots. The solution will also enable users to ascertain the area of a fire and assess the corresponding danger level. It will alert nearby fire stations and facilitate efficient fleet management. Furthermore, real-time routing will be developed to provide fire trucks, police cars, and other emergency vehicles with the best and fastest path to the hotspot at hand. Galifire will also make fire extinction more efficient by improving efforts involving fire planes.

Galifire will enable firefighters to work more effectively by supporting communication and coordination among all the emergency services involved (fire trucks, fire planes, police, etc). The way in which Galifire implements location-based systems for all these services is the best and most efficient way possible to extinguish fires.

Customer benefits

This user-friendly system will improve the detection and extinction of wildfires in areas where it is installed. It will also enable customers to help protect flora and fauna and reduce the pollution caused by wildfires.