Marketing Director, Sam Liddell
CEO, Steinunn-Anna Gunnlaugsdottir
CTO, Leifur Bjornsson
Software Engineer, Jack Feng
Software Engineer, Omar Bechir

Locatify has built a dynamic cloud platform for delivering location-based content to mobile apps. It has realised an opportunity to create a tourism application and content management system for collecting and delivering professional, crowdsourced, location-based AR (augmented reality) and audio content. The app will harness Galileo NSS positioning data, modern smartphones, and cloud infrastructure to enable accurate, contextual delivery and storage of location-based content.

Locatify’s tourism app will track users’ exact locations and interests, which will allow travellers to explore sites in unprecedented ways while enjoying contextual AR content and rich audio stories relevant to them. It will also enable locals to create and share content to a wider audience for free, resulting in increased tourism, education, and awareness of historical and local stories. In addition to providing geolocation and interest-based advertising, the Locatify app will offer a premium subscription service for accessing content remotely and removing ads.

Customer benefits

Explore the world like never before. Locatify’s free-to-download app makes it easy to share and enjoy rich augmented reality and audio content tailored to each customer’s location, interests, and language.