Nikolay Staykov, Kalin Iliev

Mobilly is the first geolocation-based aggregator to combine hotels, private rentals, and daily deal offers for travel and other purposes. Our mission is to give the individual traveller full control over the flow of information on accommodation offers. We promise you’ll be able to travel and never miss a deal. Mobilly allows for more intelligent travel that will eliminate more than half of the 9.5 research sessions currently required on average for planning. It has several innovative features, two of which can clearly distinguish it from competitors. One is myMobilly, an algorithm that allows users to set deal alerts for a specified area of travel. The other is the 3Check algorithm, which corrects inaccurate/missing geolocation info in deal feeds. No service like Mobilly exists at the moment due to different data feed formats, incompatibility, and GNSS issues (incompatible longitude/latitude data and low accuracy). The closest example is the US-based Hipmunk, which aggregates hotels and private rentals but not travel deals from providers like Groupon and Living-Social. Mobilly will be available as a web service and through mobile applications for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.